DC-ATLAS is an immunological and bioinformatics integrated project, developed as a joint effort within the DC-THERA European Network of Excellence (www.dc-thera.org), a collaborating network established under the European Commission’s Sixth Framework Programme to translates discoveries from DC immunobiology into clinical therapies. The major scientific and technological goal of DC-ATLAS is to generate complete maps of the intracellular signaling pathways and regulatory networks that govern DC maturation/activation and function. DC-ATLAS is composed of DC-PATH, an extensively curated signal transduction pathway database, and DC-BASE, a repository for DC microarray experiments. The crosstalk between these databases allows the analysis of high throughput data in a DC-specific manner using a set of highly standardized and reproducible procedures. Enabling a systems biology approach to DC biology holds the promise for spinning molecular immunology into more successful immunotherapy strategies.