1) Eu.Gene Analyzer Download:

a) Download and save file in a temporary folder (i.e. C:\temp in Windows OS)
b) Unzip (extract) file in your preferred destination folder (i.e. C:\EuGene15)
c) Double (left) click EuGene.cmd file (or in Unix/Linux) to launch the program
d) At the first startup, EuGene will ask for a specific root folder where data/pathway structure can be created: it is possible to select the same directory where the program has been saved (i.e. C:\EuGene15)
» Download EuGene (standard version) v1.5 – ZIP-File, 25.0 MB

Genome Libraries for Homo sapiens, Rattus norvegicus and Mus musculus can be downloaded and saved into the software dedicate folder named “lib”.

2) Genome Libraries Download:

a) Choose an Organism and download the Genome Library “*.lib” file from the list below.
b) Save “*.zip” file in “/lib” folder (i.e. C:\EuGene11\lib) that has been created after the first Eugene Analyzer starting-up. Extract file named “*.lib”.

» Download – Homo Sapiens Genome [NCBI36] (standard) – LIB-File, 6.42 MB Updated to Ensembl Version 49
» Download – Mus Musculus Genome [MCBI 36] – LIB-File, 5.3 MB
» Download – Rattus Norvegicus Genome [RGSC 34] – LIB-File, 2.5 MB
» Download – Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Genome [SGD 1] – LIB-File, 95.8 KB Updated to Ensembl Version 49

3) User Manual Download:


4) Supplementary Information Download: